Rapid quantification of vaccine effects thoughout life-cycle

Vaccines are increasingly made available more widely and tailored to special populations. Planning a large immunization program is much facilitated by reliable background incidence rates of the target disease. Timely quantification of vaccine coverage, effectiveness and safety is pivotal for continuous benefit-risk assessments throughout the vaccine’s life-cycle.

Expanded capacity to monitor vaccine effects globally

Vaccine safety concerns may derail immunization programs and often are based on rare but serious adverse events. Large-scale collaboration across countries with different patterns of vaccine use is key to the rapid quantification of the benefits and risks of vaccines on a population level. Furthermore, the globalization of manufacturing and the increasing introduction of new vaccines into countries outside Europe and North America require expanded capacity to monitor their safety.

Federation of fragmented resources by cutting edge technology

Due to the current focus on information and computer technology to provide safer and more effi cient health care delivery, the amount of electronic health records and other electronic health care data is increasing exponentially. These data are extremely useful for quantification of vaccine effects. By linking fragmented resources, the scale and scope of the research can be extended to the global level. In our partnership, we capitalize on these possibilities and tailor the technologies to the needs of assessing vaccine benefit-risk profiles.